Necessary Ground Rules

  1. Have fun and enjoy yourself while here!!!! 🙂
  2. WARNING: To anyone that might know me personally, know that what I talk about on here is personal and my truth and experience, while I will never use names, some might know who I am talking about, please be respectful of me as I share my memories, good, bad, and ugly. If you start any drama at all here or outside my website/blog I will block you immediately. We all have stories to tell this is mine, please let me tell it!
  3. Drop your ego upon entrance to this site, each and every person will get heard, no need to be immature about it!
  4. I will not tolerate the following and you will be blocked immediately:
    • Bullying
    • Religious/Spiritual Bashing
    • Sexual Harassment of any kind
    • Discrimination of any kind
  5. You must give respect to get respect.
  6. If you do not have any concrete evidence to support your opinion, it is just that, your opinion, remember that.
  7. You may cuss here, as long as you aren’t directing it at someone else. But, seriously, words are just words, people put the meaning to them!
  8. We are all adults here, let’s please act like it!
  9. This is a safe place for everyone to come and express themselves and engage with myself and my followers openly, without fear, and receive nothing but love and support!
  10. I reserve the right to amend these at anytime, without notice.

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