Current Progress of Business Plans

Here is a run down of where I am in the business planning process:
~ Business Name: Nature’s Farm, A Permaculture Food Forest
~ Business Type: leaning towards a home-based business or LLC
~ Product: Organic, Non-GMO plant based foods from my food forest and other locally sourced Vegan foods and products.
~Website/Blog: Work in Progress, adding stuff daily
~Working on Food Forest Design
~Currently sprouting 12 different herbs in small terra cotta pots, will be moved outside when ready
~Shopping for unique piece to make my business sign for my front yard
~Doing market research on customer base, product base, places to sell products, business to business opportunities, etc.
~Researching food safe, recyclable or compostable, packaging supplies
~Currently testing out some plant based beauty and skincare products will update when I have tried a few more items
~Creating social media pages to link to my website and blog
~Creating an accounts on amazon, etsy, shopify, etc.

As you can see, I am a busy woman! LOL.
I have decided to go fully vegan and not go back. I am positive it will be a great change for me and something I can stick with since it involves to of my favorite things, cooking and eating! LOL
I also have decided, upon discussion with my brother whom I live with, I am not going to be working anymore for the time being. I cannot work outdoors in the extreme heat and I cannot find reliable employment for night shift. Therefore, I am going to be putting most of my time and efforts into getting this business up and going as soon as possible!

Much Love and Happiness!

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