I think I found my calling in life!

After the last 5 years, I have finally found myself! The last year and a half, have been the most eye opening, life altering, and soul cleansing for me!

With that being said, let me introduce myself…

I am Heather Marie Huff.
I am 31 years old.
I am female.
I am bisexual.
I am an independent voter
I am a Kitchen Witch
I am a permaculture farmer in the making.
I am Pro Abortion. Our bodies are our temples, and we should be allowed to worship our body-temple how we please.
I am an abuse survivor. I was raised in a very closed minded, mentally ill family.

While never being officially diagnosed because of a corrupt health care system, I identify as being a high functioning autistic with the co-occuring conditions, SPD, PTSD, OCD, BPD, and Melancholic Depression. I believe that Autism will one day be seen as the next evolutionary step for Humankind. I believe those with Autism and their co-oocuring mental/neurological disorders are our brains actually evolving to use more of it’s self and deal with the toxic environment that we have created and now live in. Maybe with the great awakening of our time now, we can stop the toxic overload and hopefully by the year 3000 the Earth (nature) and all the creatures our Creator made here will be thriving in a world where we again exist in harmony as our Creator wants and we will have healed ourselves and the Earth.
I am Pro America and it’s declaration of independence and the bill of rights and Democracy not a representative republic like we have now!
I am Pro Free Healthcare and Education – they are basic human rights as laid out in our bill of rights.

I am an Environmentalist Activist and Permaculture is the way to heal our earth and save our species Human along with every other creature Created by our Creator that is still left on this Earth. We need to quit monoculture and man made chemicals that defy nature’s laws and go back to nature. The rest will fall into place after that.

I am Spiritual, but I believe in no religion. Our creator is real, but religion is man’s attempt to control man, it’s that plain and simple. An observation: Christianity is the biggest and most deep seated Cult following in human history. And it’s about to come crashing down. For anybody that believes in Christianity, I hope most of you now realize that the “Apocalypse” is happening. The rapture is closely approaching. Are you prepared to come to terms with your “God” being an Extraterrestrial Being from else where in our Creator’s Universe, and that there really is a Creator, just not the “God” you were lied to about?

I am a suicide supporter, I do not believe it’s a sin whatsoever! Our soul is a piece of our Creator that they choose to willing give us. Our soul is what tells us is right and wrong! Our soul is our direct link to our Creator. Our Creator gave us free will and the power of choice. If we choose to end our life here on this 3D world, then so be it, Our soul goes back to our creator and our soul lives on and when our Creator chooses to, our Creator lets us choose to live another life either here in this 3D existence or on another plane in this incredible universe!
I am a firm believer that our creator kicked us out of the garden of Eden because we choose to eat hooved animals (red meat) – God’s forbidden fruit. Therefore, I will be transitioning to a complete vegan diet (which is plant based only), so my body can heal from all the damage caused by our forbidden fruit and all the chemicals still being pushed as safe here in the USA! After which, I will slowly reintroduce meat, just nothing from hooved animals because after all we have evolved from carnivores and herbivores to create a new thing called omnivore.
I am a firm believer in Extraterrestrial Life and they too are all Created by our Creator. I will be so glad, when our corrupt governments finally own up to all the secrets and lies and that we may again try to contact our fellow brothers and sisters or even welcome them here to Earth our home and show them how we are fixing our Creator’s gift to us, our home Earth.
I am a firm believer in the Space Force, for the simple fact of in nature there is negative, positive, and neutral creatures but some our brothers and sisters will try to rule us once they know we have finally broken free from religion.
I believe that the book “Urantia” is the real and true history of us, our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, and the rest of the universe. Everything that claims to be our history on this planet has been edited to make one race or another of us look good and the rest bad and then commit genocide because of their superiority complex and other mental illnesses.
I am a believer in Quantum Human Design and it’s ability to explain who we are as human together with science, western religious believes, and eastern religious believes, where this puts us in the Universe and in our world here. This in turn helped me to integrate and understand parts of myself that I didn’t even consciously register. I am a Projector.

After all that, Hi, I am Heather and I am me!

Please feel free to ask any questions about anything I discussed in this post! I am curious for other’s perspectives on the above topics.

Some recommended documentaries to watch that have helped me evolve as a human and find my purpose are:
“David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet”
“The Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”
“What the Health”
“Kiss the Ground”
You can find all these on Netflix.

Much Love and Happiness!

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