My History and Reasoning for Going Back to Nature!

Hi All,
So I am very new to this whole blogging thing so bare with me while I learn as I go. **I am long winded so this may be a lengthy post*

I am a 31 year old woman from your typical rural small town in the Midwest of the USA! I grew up in a town of about 2000 people. Life here in this small town is very rooted in it’s past and keeping up traditions, for better or worse! During this coronavirus crazy, I have had to do some soul searching and self discovery. Because of that, being jobless, still living at home with an overbearing, emotionally immature, not very responsible parent. After months of intense self discovery, life has started to look up because I have finally learned how to let go of the past and all the expectations of it. Therefore, I am ready to get into why I am eagerly ready to get back to nature in all things possible, including giving up on modern medicine, learning to listen to my body in the moment, giving up on the modern food industry, and returning to Mother Earth where we should of never left!

Being 31, I feel I should not get up every day and feel this horrible all the time. I am an obese, chronically ill woman, and I am tired of not getting the answers I need and the treatment I deserve! Here is a little background medical history:
– Age 1.5 years: Found to be Lactose Intolerant
– Age 5 years: Benign Mole removed of Right Thigh
– Age 8 years: Ear tubes put in ears because of excess fluid buildup due to severe environmental allergies.
– Age 9 years: Started my period
– Age 14 years: Tonsils removed after many many infections in a 5 year period.
– Age 15 years: Wisdom Teeth removed after a few months of chronic pain even when not eating or chewing anything. Also at this age, I started to really notice that my periods were not right or at least different for other girls. I had severe pain with each period, so bad sometimes that I would lay on my grandparents laminate floor and rock back and forth on my belly the cramps were so bad. I had irregular flows, irregular time cycles, and intense pain before, during, and sometimes after my cycle was over. Also at this time, I was forced on birth control pills by my mother, who found out I was sexually active.
– Age 16 years: Wrecked car on icy backroad. Slammed chest into steering wheel and head glanced off windshield. Never went to hospital, but went to chiropractor a few days later. Sternum was out of place, several ribs, middle back, and neck as well.
– Age 17 years: Gallbladder removed in emergency surgery. Several years later, figured out that the birth control Yazmin was the cause of the cholesterol polyps that caused my gallbladder to go bad. Also at this time, I start having issues with being extremely fatigued all the time, every activity causes extreme exhaustion.
– Age 19 years: Diagnosed with a Patent Formen Ovally. Layman terms: a small hole in my heart from where the umbilical cord was connected in utero. I was put on low dose blood pressure meds. They contributed all my symptoms at the time to this small small hole, which was smaller than the head of a number 2 ballpoint pen!! At this time, I was told to severally reduce my physical activity until the doctors could figure out if anything more severe was going on. At this time, I was a very stocky but muscular 275 lbs.
– Age 20 years: After fighting for a year with a local doctor, I put my foot down and went to cleveland clinic for my heart. I had went from an energetic young adult to a very sick could barely function 335 lbs young adult. Was finally diagnosed with Vasovageal Syncope with Overexertion, on top of the PFO. Laymen terms, the nerve on the back of my heart is to big. With any activity that increases my heart rate there is a chance that I will pass out because the harder and faster my heart beats, that enlarged nerve gets pinched off and I pass out. At this point, I had to give up the one thing that was my life back then, Softball!
– Age 21 years: I had an abnormal pap smear come back and had to have to LEEP procedures, burning off pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. At the end of the second procedure, the doctor informed me that there was only about 1cm left of my cervix and that getting pregnant wouldn’t be a problem, but staying pregnant would. I decided then and there that I would not be having any of my own children. Also, I graduated with an associate’s of applied business in Office Management after almost 3 years in college.
– Age 24 years: After fighting for three years, I found a woman doctor that listened to me about my pain and my history. I had an ablation and tubal to try and stop the continuous bleeding. At this point, I had been having 3-4 week periods with only 3 days to 2 weeks in between cycles. The surgery worked for about a month and then I started having cycles again, this time more painful and heavier flow for longer periods of time.
– Age 25 years: After another 10 months of almost constant bleeding, severe pain and cramping, and extreme anemia and fatigue, I had a partial hysterectomy. I had my uterus, fallopian tubes, and the rest of my cervix removed. It was later found that I had the condition called Adenomyosis. Laymen term, my uterine lining dug into my uterine muscle wall. If I would of waited to get surgery, I might not have made it because I was told that the last at least 3 months I was bleeding actual blood supply blood and that I was slowly bleeding to death because my body couldn’t keep up with the constant bleeding from my cycles. After about a week, I got the surgery report and found out I would have never conceived my own baby. Both of my tubes were blocked. One with a cyst and the other was grown shut. My uterus was under developed, tilted, and laying on top of my bladder! They actually had to scrap my uterus off the top of my bladder because it was starting to fuse to it!

– Age 31 years (now): After moving home from Maine in 2019, I have been suffering from an array of symptoms. Those symptoms being: extreme fatigue, severe obesity, severe environmental and other allergies, severe and frequent bowel movements with frequent accidents, depression, anxiety, chronic pain in my joints, especially my hands, elbows, and knees. Infrequent but severe headaches. Chronic lower back pain. No stamina or endurance for hardly any physical activity.

Official medical diagnoses’: Morbid Obesity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Diarrhea, High Blood Pressure, Vascular Migraines, Depression, Environmental Allergies, Mixed Anxiety with Depressive Mood Disorder, and Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety.

Current Medications: High Blood Pressure pill, Birth Control Pill (hormone therapy), Allergy pill #1, Allergy pill #2, Anti-Itch Pill, Anti-Depressant, Maintenance Migraine Pill, Acid Reflex Pill and a Vitamin B-12 Pill.

Doctors/Specialists seen in the last year: Family Doctor, Allergist, Gynocologist, GastroIntestinal, Immunologist, Chiropractor, and a Therapist.

Symptoms still undiagnosed: Extreme Fatigue, waxing and waning joint pain; especially in hands, wrists, and knees, Lower Back Pain, infrequent but severe neck pain, nerve pain – burning, stinging, and shooting, and urinary incontinence issues.
Medications eliminated in last year: IBS-D oral powder, allergy pill #3, Acid Reflex Pill #2, and Anti-Depressant #2.
Current Vitals: 336 lbs., last BP 126/72, O2: 99%, Respirations: 16, last blood work: all normal except B12 – still low by 5 points.

As you can see my history is extensive and this is not the full picture! I am not at all satisfied with modern medicine and their so called doctors! All I keep getting told by doctors is that I am too young to hurt this bad, it’s in my head and I need to continue to seek therapy, it’s all because I am overweight and need to lose weight, I am overexaggerating my symptoms, or I am not showing enough symptoms for a long enough period to be seen yet. Translation of that last statement: I am not sick enough to be seen yet!!!!

That last explanation: “You are not showing enough symptoms for a long enough period of time to be seen!!” I was utterly flabbergasted! My first thought, “What do I need to be on my death bed to be seen??” When did our healthcare system become a for profit business and not an organization for the general wellbeing of it’s citizens? I am so fucking pissed off at this point I was ready to scream!! That’s when I decided I was going to take my health and care into my own hands and start to look outside modern western medicine for my treatment and cure of long standing illness.

This is where it has led me! I am in the process of moving to another state with a loved one in what will be both our first home. I am planning a self-sustained ecological, economical, and organic homestead farm on this new property that will fit into a little more than 1/4 acre, where we will grow or raise most of our food by year 5, it will have a variety of different gardening styles, a variety of species of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and companion plants, a variety of animal species, a variety of irrigation and watering systems, composting, etc. This farm will be our primary source of income hopefully by year 3. By year 10, hopefully we will have a homestead farm that is completely off the grid and self-sufficient.

Along with this farm, I plan to obtain certifications in Naturopathy, homeopathy, holistic healing, organic gardening, garden design, Herbalist, Master Herbalist, Advanced Master Herbalist, and other certificates.

Thank you for reading!
Much Love and Happiness,

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