Why I am choosing to write this blog!

Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com
  1. Writing is always something I have loved so I want to share my experiences with the world.
  2. I do not want to just be a storyteller, I want to share real experiences, my knowledge, who I am learning from, and anything else interesting to me.
  3. I think blogging about my health issues and my fight to find ways to help myself when the modern medical world finally broke me will not only help myself but others as well.
  4. I hope by doing this that I impart some new knowledge on my readers and that someone somewhere may gain the information they needed to finally solve their health issue.
  5. This has already been a long medical journey, so I want to start chronicling my history so I have a reference for myself in my later years.
  6. This will be about all my health issues, mostly physical, but I may occasionally talk about my mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  7. I will be discussing medical procedures and other graphic details that may not be suitable for children’s eyes.
  8. I will give references to all medical conditions, procedures, medications, and all other relevant information.
  9. I am NOT a medical professional. If you think you may have any of the conditions, symptoms, etc., that I talk about, please seek medical advice or call 911 if it is an emergency!
  10. I am always available by email, I will be adding an address at a later date. Please give 72 hours for answers to any emails. You may find my email address on the Contact page.
  11. Happy Reading, Much Love and Happiness ‚̧
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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